Hello world!

So I’m dipping my toe hesitantly into the sea of blogging. I’ve toyed with the idea before but worried either that I’d say too much or would find nothing of worth to say at all. I was too comcerned about what people might think but I’m on a journey to dispell the power of others opinions so here goes. A few disclaimers all the same

  • The wisdom in the title is most definitely not a declaration of any I might possess.
  • However I deeply value wisdom therefore I desperately long and pray for it.
  • Information, learning, intelligence sometimes accompany wisdom but they are not a prerequisite for it.  The springs of wisdom that I have drank from have come sometimes from the most humble sources. That’s why it’s worth searching for. Look beyond the obvious.
  • Proverbs is my main book of choice when it comes to wisdom. Proverbs 1:20 inspired the title of this blog.


So that’s my first one done. Be back soon.


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