this sheep hears her Shepherd

I believe that God still chooses to speak to us today. I just want to put that out there. God speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit. God speaks from the inside of us in whispers, shouts, pictures, impressions, feelings, dreams, visions, sensations, smells, tastes, words, and more. Each as individual as the person who experiences His voice and then tries to articulate it to others. His voice often lands like a butterfly (thanks Al for this metaphor) or less often is all encompassing like a heavy fog that deepens the more you move into it. I love hearing His voice. The resonance of my heart testifies that I know Him; My Father. I can easily picture myself as the sheep who knows the shepherds voice. I only realised it was God that I was sensing 20 years ago (wow was that really 20 years ago? my life is flying by). But once I’d made the connection I could look back and remember the whispers, the sense of Him being there, close, since I was a little girl.

I love that He would speak to me. I love that He speaks to me. His voice calms my inner storm, His voice stirs my passive soul, His voice breathes life to my dead places, His voice. His voice.

You can’t convince me that God stopped speaking when man canonised the bible. You could try, but you’d never convince me not now this sheep recognises His voice.

I love His voice. I yearn for it. It is my bread. His voice is my life.

I love that He speaks from the outside too, the precious Holy Spirit speaks from where He roams all over the place. I love that He illuminates the scriptures, the living words of God. I love that He speaks through them time and time and time again. His words remembered, recited and recorded over 1000’s of years still ringing true, still bringing life, still showing the way to live a better life. The instant I followed Jesus at 7 years old the words became alive. Not on every reading, but often and especially when I needed them too.

Increasingly I love listening for God in the outside places. In the lesser looked places.In cities. At the ocean. At concerts. In crowds. It is like we play hide and seek. I find His clues in crowds of people especially when they sing. In the sheen of my babies’ sleeping faces. In the still of night. In loud raucous laughter. In beautifully crafted art. In music that transcends words. And more recently as I write, I sense Him there ready to whisper.

Do you listen for Him too? Seek. Find. Knock. Open. Wait. Listen.


One thought on “this sheep hears her Shepherd

  1. Thank you Chelle. It’s so clear that this comes straight from your heart and from how you live life. It has inspired me to be more OPEN to finding Him and hearing Him and being surprised by Him…anywhere.


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