India here I come

We leave for India first thing Wednesday morning. I’m almost packed. The laundry for all 5 of us is close to complete. Tomorrow’s to-do list is standing by. Passports. Visas. Money & cards. Insect repellent. Innoculations. Talks almost there. And then this morning I realised that I had omitted a very important detail – we need people to pray for us. I’m frustrated by my complacency. Maybe its because it’s a smaller team. Maybe because this is my 3rd trip to India and Jason’s 5th. Maybe there feels like way more urgent people and situations to pray for at the moment. Whatever my excuses, its a large, gaping omission.

My request to you is; would you please pray for us? Below are some ideas to get you started, but please just pray for us. Prayer at its simplest, is simply being with God. My ask is this, when you are with God over the next week would you remember us? Ask the Father what we might need, ask what we can give to those around us and then simply trust that He is a good Father who hears your prayers and who will respond.

Prayer list:

  • for the team Jason, Stephen, Carol and I (Michelle)
  • safe travel, easy connections, and God moments that we wouldn’t miss as we travel
  • we long to see God do the miraculous
  • give us ears to hear and words to say that bring life, hope and faith.
  • my heart breaks for the women of India, I’d love opportunities to serve them
  • for the people that we get to serve with in India
  • for the church there
  • that our 3 sons and Carol & Stephen’s 3 daughters would be healthy and happy without us
  • no sickness

Each day I’ll write a small blog (internet and time permitting) and what I’d love is some interaction. So please comment, ask questions whatever and I’ll try my best to respond.

My friend Clare prayed for me tonight and it was precious, but it reminded me that we need your prayers too please. It’s in Jesus presence and power that we long to go, not in our strength.

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6b

I’ll keep you posted.


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