What if we showed the path to freedom to a life lived to the full…

My work involves many things; meetings, managing, strategising, listening, praying, advising, problem solving, budgeting, learning, studying, caring, decision making, envisioning and maybe more but I have condensed them into 3 things that I feel God has called me to at the moment; leading, writing and speaking. So instead of saying yes to everything I’m learning to use these 3 as filters to decide what I say yes too and last weekend I got to say yes to speaking at a fabulous women’s event at my own church.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love to speak/teach/preach whatever title you want to give it. I love speaking regularly at VCD, and more recently I’ve loved it when I’ve been invited to speak at a few other events too, most of these to women.

I love speaking to women, not because i’m a girly sort of girl cause I’m not; not just because i find it easier – I do (no searching for hooks for men or male analogies) but because more and more I sense this amazing untapped seam of gold in women that I want to be part of mining.  It’s not that I believe that women have more to offer, just equal but so much of the wealth in women is overlooked or diminished.

Recently I saw this excellent UN ad campaign that challenges the held beliefs of what women cannot, shouldn’t, need to, can do, find it here 

I’ve been on a trajectory that leads me to be fully convinced that the sky is the limit for women and girls.  That the world needs us and in many countries and cultures there’s this untapped unlimited resource called women that could carry solutions to some of our greatest problems if only they were unleashed and encouraged to believe that they are all that God has made them to be.  And I should be very clear,  the countries I’m talking about are throughout the whole world including the privileged west .  And I should also be clear that I mean in the church too.

I’ve decided that it honestly doesn’t matter if I get asked to speak and encourage 6 women in a living room or 600 at a conference but I NEED to do it with all diligence, the opportunity to encourage and see women step into what God has made them for is what matters.

What if the cure for cancer is in the mind of a girl who’s been told she can’t/shouldn’t go to school or university because she’s a girl.  What if our best slave abolitionists are women who have been worn down by years of being told that they are worthless and less than simply because they are female.  What if there is heart-aching creativity hidden in the mind of a girl who’s been told to stop dreaming and settle for a sensible life. What if the solutions to our community’s problems are in the mind of women who’ve been silenced and kept out of the ‘important’ conversations for too long.

What if we showed them the path to freedom to a life lived to the full… What if we, those of us who have the freedom and support of our loved ones (men and women) to be all that God has created us to be, what if we began to spend our freedom on pointing others towards theirs.  What if we lifted each other up.  What if we honoured each other, celebrated each others joys and wept over each others pain.  Let’s not use our freedom to builder bigger stages or empires for ourselves, lets determine to always bring other girls and women with us.


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