I love church


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Its Sunday morning. I’m up and about and praying more fervently than I do any other morning of the week to be honest. I get nervous and excited every Sunday morning we lead church actually the nerves still kick in at around 9pm on a saturday night, a 9am on a saturday if I’m speaking. And you did read that correctly excited, this morning i’m really excited to simply worship Jesus and as we have an evening gathering tonight too i get to worship with the church twice today. I love the church.  I love meeting together as the church.  i love that we do life together not just on a sunday but through the week and through all of our lives.  i love hearing stories of the church being the church in workplaces on a wednesday or in schools on a monday or on the streets on a saturday and hopefully in our homes everyday.  showing the love of God, extending His grace, His mercy, offering His peace, asking for His healing, administering His justice, being His freedom-givers. All while being messed up and broken and works in progress ourselves, falling daily on His grace and being held up by His strength. I love the church of Jesus. She is beautiful in her brokenness and when you look closely you see the promised glimpses of the perfect spotless bride that one day she’ll be.

I love the church.  Not because I’m a pastor and feel some kind of brand loyalty to my employer.  I love the church because I am part of her.  I am grafted in, joined together like a ligament on a bone (now i really hope ligaments attach to bones – maybe i should google that) I love the connectedness that I sense when i think of church.  Some sundays my heart and head are overwhelmed when i think of all the churches gathered all over the world in different time zones all with one purpose to worship God and celebrate Jesus. And then I catch a glimpse of what i imagine it might be like when we’re with Him…

I love church because it forces me to grow and stretch and fully depend on the Holy Spirit.  This week Jason (my husband, pastor, and co-boss) lay down the gauntlet at our staff meeting on monday to go for the ‘big ask’ this week, to not say no for anyone, but to ask big.  Dangerous challenge to accept but i did.  The rest of monday was quiet.  Tuesday morning and I sensed God giving me a specific message for someone who I knew wasnt entirely sure about God yet, so I wrote it on a card and popped it nervously in their letter box,  still not sure if there was any response to the card but by wednesday and the gift (?!) of facebook I was sure the message from God was spot on.  Wednesday, i was getting into my car in the morning and I told Jesus that He could interupt my day if He wanted too (and of course He’s God and can interupt my day anytime He wants too, but I might not respond all that well normally) literally 5 mins later i’m on my way to have coffee in someones kitchen and less that an hour later I have the absolute heart exploding priviledge of holding their hand and leading them to Jesus! Wow! I I LOVE CHURCH!! Thursday was the mundane of accounts and setting a budget and to be honest for me i’d done my big ask for the week, time to dial down for the weekend.  Friday someone popped into our house and within minutes is in tears and I get to pray God’s peace and courage over their lives.  Saturday we go up the town to do giveaways at the lights switch on, I share my big ask week with my friend and she takes the challenge and prays for someone on the street. I LOVE CHURCH!

So since I’m on a roll this week with big asks. What’s stopping you from gathering with a church today and worshipping Jesus?

I read a tweet this morning that i thought summed it up pretty well.

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