Words matter


Words matter. There are several themes emerging in my blog and this is one of them. My words matter.  How I use my words matters most.  A time to speak and be silent. A time to fight and a time to retreat. A time to defend. A time to retract. A time to soothe. A time to redeem. A time to heal. A time to teach. A time to love. A time to admonish. A time to reflect. 

So many times I want to take the words back. To have a real time video edit, that I can rewind and delete my words.  I regret my words more often than my actions.  When I act I usually have thought it through, but my words… 

So Lord I’m listening to your words.  The words you whispered into my heart as I sorted the laundry.  Teach me Lord to measure my words, to speak up when you require, to refrain from the bitter words.  Show me the way of heart and words that are acceptable to you.


One thought on “Words matter

  1. Thanks for being so real Michelle! Your posts always hit my, “Thank goodness I’m not the only one who does that!” button. So good to be reminded, it’s those closest to me who usually get the brunt too :-/


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