our own sacred scared


There has been a series of blog posts by guest bloggers and writers on momastery if you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do.

I was especially inspired by 2 of my favourite writers and bloggers Shauna Niequist and Sarah Bessey, so inspired that when I shared their posts I laid down a challenge on Facebook to my friends to see if we would be brave enough to share our own Sacred Scared.  I was chuffed by the response and over the next few days and weeks I will have guest posts on wisdomshouts, not from famous writers or bloggers but from people with hearts like lions that are prepared to expose their insecurities in the hope that they can silence their inner bully and join forces with others still locked by their fears.

The lovely visual is courtesy of my friend Connie Hunter from http://www.studiostereo.co.uk who is also going to guest write.

I love collaboration and cheering each other on.


4 thoughts on “our own sacred scared

      1. Tomorrow … got the idea rumbling in my head & it’ll drive me crazy til it’s written down. But it’s scary to write a sacred scared! 😉


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