I dreamt of being … #bringbackourgirls

When I was a teenager many moons ago I dreamt of being a wife and a mum. Unpopular choice in the liberated eighties when young girls like me where encouraged and told that we could have it all; career, friends, car, holidays, husband and children eventually. What I never, ever comprehended to be possible, never could even imagine in my safe, protected bubble of a rural life was that girls just like me, could be kidnapped and sold by terrorists.

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We have been outraged. We have stamped our feet, shook our fists, prayed our best prayers, embarrassed our western governments into some sort of action and yet those precious daughters are still in captivity.

I love how social media gives us, if even in a small way something to do about it. I ranted and raved one day in my kitchen and my ever challenging husband listened and then asked ‘what are you going to do about Chelle?’ Through hot stingy tears I said all I can do is join in the online barrage that will hopefully catch someone’s attention, who actually can send people into that jungle and rescue ‘our’ daughters. I rallied what good would I be trying to find them anyway!! But I’ll be honest to
join in a social media campaign felt tiny, I felt helpless and unhelpful. Imagine my delight when watching sky news later that week and Eamon Holmes is championing the role of social media in bringing this to the western worlds’ attention. He himself a news anchor challenged the newsrooms for not carrying or prioritising this story until after it had gone viral on social media.

We can all only do what we can. It is futile to wish you were an SAS commando who could swoop in and rescue the girls if you’re a 42 yr old, overweight, unfit, unskilled in combat or survival and all round unqualified person like me. But equally its pointless to do nothing. In most situations there is something we can do, actually I want to say in every situation but that might be unfair so we’ll say most instead.

The girls are still in captivity. Can we keep our voices raised? Can we keep the pressure up? The prayers being petitioned? Until they are returned. Their mothers and fathers cries reverberate around the world, carried on the www.

Father you set the captives free. You release the prisoners. You proclaim liberty over the oppressed. Do it please Father for these your daughters. Continue to break our hearts for them. To find no rest until they are found and released. Holy Spirit you are the comforter bring them and their families comfort. As they wait may your strength arise in them. Change the captors’ hearts. Convict them. Challenge them. Lead them to repentance that would cause them to release the girls and redeem their own lives in the process. Give your wisdom and discernment to those who are searching, leave them clues, send your angels to mark the path. Father I imagine you weeping over these girls and then millions more in the world that they signify. Mobilise your people into action. amen


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