My top 5 Holiday essentials

Confession time.  This post has been sitting in my draft folder since mid July.  I procrastinate and ruminate too much with this blog.  So for any of you lucky enough to be heading on holiday/vacation in September (my personal fav time of year to escape) here’s my top 5.  For the rest of us dreaming and maybe like me already planning my 2015 escape you can file this away in your passport folder.

1. Family – my man and my boys. Always best when I pack 5 passports in my plastic clip wallet with the boarding cards etc. I love travelling full stop. But with these 4 it’s always more fun and love filled.

IMG_4756.JPG2. Kindle loaded with books. I started Canada and got as far as 18% and stopped – didn’t grab me at all. Moved on to The Villa – perfect holiday read. Then The Girl who saved the King of Sweden – this was a good read although I enjoyed the Hundred Year old man by the same author more (got Caleb, Micah and Jason all to read it in this trip). Now I’ve finished a Scarlet Thread; I downloaded this ages ago and forgot how much I enjoy reading Francine Rivers books. Couldn’t sleep one night (hard beds) and read for 3 hours until the sun came up then dozed off for another bit. Started To Kill a Mocking Bird and couldn’t believe I hadn’t read before now. (Finished it when I got home – now one of my all time best reads)

3. Moisturiser – found this cheapie in Sainsburys as an alternative to after sun and at ¼ if the price it works a treat!

cheapie 4. v60 coffee dripper – I need to have coffee and this by far is the best option for travel. It’s plastic so light and almost unbreakable and makes a great cup of the black stuff. I bought it in Cincinnati last year summer and it already is an essential part of my travel kit alongside my travel adaptor (yes I love coffee as much as I need to charge my phone).

5. My swimsuit – hot pink from m&s. Perfect fit. Now this is a miracle!! First year in years that I’ve worn my swimsuit without shorts or a sarong. And I swam in the sea. Not quite brave enough to post a pic of me in it. But this was a huge step for me and yet became a small thing after the first day. I love the freedom and simplicity of Portugal. People here come in all shapes and sizes and are unafraid to show there bodies regardless. Young, old, wrinkly, perky, skinny and fatty. It felt important not to allow how I sometimes feel about my body to stop me from being present and engaged with my family. This year I succeeded.




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