Silencing the shoulds


I’m struggling to silence the shoulds today. It’s an ongoing battle. Apparently responsibility is one of my top 5 strengths – truth is it feels more like a curse. It amplifies the shoulds.

The should soundtrack goes like this, you may have a similar one.

You should have finished that by now. You should have called them, visited them, had that conversation. You should be more kind, more generous, more gentle, stronger. You should be a better mumma, a more giving wife, a more attentive daughter. You should be a better housewife. You should be tidier. You should be more particular. You should be ‘there’ more for everyone in your life. You should pray more, study more. You should should should!!!

Shut up shoulds. Be silent. Jesus still my mind. Quiet my soul with your singing.

In these should days I intentionally lean in to Him. I remind myself of His faithfulness and unswerving acceptance of me right now, not how I should be, but how I am. I’m reminded by my closest loved ones to look up and around at who I am instead of where I think I should be.

Are your shoulds drowning out your peace. Silence them with me.


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