Be kind to yourself 

Some days life feels overwhelming. My mind is overloaded. My heart heavy. My emotions in the driving seat. My body weary. 

Yesterday had its share. My response is not always the right one, I’m not always kind to myself or those around me. The ‘shoulds’ get very amplified, and they demand loudly that I ‘do do do’ and ‘fix fix fix’. Sometimes my only response is to crawl under the duvet with coffee, chocolate and a box set. But I’m learning although at times that is the kind thing to do sometimes it’s not the kindEST. Instead yesterday I put on my earphones, put the lead on Reuben and went for a walk down a country lane and I danced, I jumped and I worshipped loudly – checking to be honest that the only living beings around were the cows in the field. Cause I wasn’t feeling that terribly brave or righteous but incredibly desperate for a space to connect with my God. 

I cancelled plans to see friends today cause I knew I was still fragile and one of their replies is my word to you today:


Here’s my jumping about like an edgit song. Take a listen –

Alive in the river – Kim Walker


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