Wisdomeats : Bear’s smoothie 

The Hassan’s have inherited a sweet tooth through the generations. My Dad has one, I definitely have one and my Matty continues in the line of sugar and all things sweet lovers. I actually feel guilty about this. Every time I challenge the amount of sugary stuff he’s consuming I’d see the mirror reflecting back to me the amount I’d consumed that day too! Sometimes I’d feel like our love of the sweet and sticky things of life is a curse passed on, not a delight to be enjoyed (in moderation of course).

So Matty (or bear as he’s affectionately known) has always loved the sugary breakfast options, although when I think of it the other 2 brothers aren’t far behind him. Coco Pops, Frosties, crunchy nut cornflakes, frosted shreddies or current fav Krave! Or it’s 2 croissants smothered in a half a pot of raspberry jam. Or white toast (never ever brown but I have tried I promise, even sneaking a slice of white and brown in a sandwich when the white has run out – it can back home uneaten) with layers of Nutella. 

Earlier this year I began to fully grasp my unhealthy obsession with all things sweet and sugary and begin to tackle it.  The results to my well being felt so immediate that I became a preaching convert to the whole house on the evils of sugar and poor Matty was my main target. 

And here’s the proof that I’ve converted him to smoothies for breakfast!!! It feels like a bigger achievement than it probably is but I’m delighted, and he loves them. Started at exam time when I wouldn’t let him go to school without breakfast and he could have this in the car.  I confess that often my boys eat breakfast in the car, travel mugs are an invention I’m very thankful for. Grown up sippy cups!  The smoothie is now firmly the breakfast choice for Matty most days, I mean it doesn’t beat a bacon sandwich but it’s up there. I’ll be honest getting up to make him a pre rugby smoothie at 8am on a Saturday morning does make me feel like one of those ‘super mums’ that we will all aspire to be but  deep down know don’t exist (accept on Instagram or Facebook) 

Further Confession time, they do say it’s good for the soul; I fell off my low-sugar wagon in France and I’m struggling to get back on it, but I am trying. This week the goal was drinking more water and a couple of walks (thanks to my pal Janice who’s been sending me pics to motivate me and get me up and moving more). I want to be healthier;  eat less processed, less sugary food, and definitely be more active, but I’ll be honest I don’t find it easy and some days it feels like another thing to add to my ‘could do better’ list. My relationship with food and exercise has historially been accompanied by those bully boy friends; failure, guilt, and their side kick comparison. I’m 44 now and feel less intimadated by them and I’m slowly learning to be kinder to myself, kinder in my whole life, realising that eating better and moving more is actually a kinder way to treat my body. 

Meantime do yourself a favour and try Bear’s smoothie, the ingredients in brackets are my variation when I make it for myself. 

Bear’s smoothie

1 banana 

½ cup of mixed frozen berries *

1 small pot strawberry  yoghurt (Greek yoghurt & 1/2 tsp cinnamon)

1 cup whole milk (semi skimmed) **

1 handful or ½ cup porridge oats 

½ cup cashew nuts

1 – 2  tsps or a squeeze honey 

Blitz it until smooth. Sometimes it will be thicker than others so add more milk to adjust the consistency. 

* use whatever soft fruit you prefer. Personally I love mango, the men in my house all prefer the mixed berries. Frozen is cheaper and there’s less waste. If you’re using fresh fruit add ½ cup of ice to the smoothie. 

** use whatever milk or milk substitute you prefer


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